Delish Gluten Free Bakery Client Testimonials

We truly take pride in all our gluten free products and how we service our clients.  When a client takes the time to recognize this we are so grateful!

Below are some recent testimonials:

Quotation MarksA friend of mine recommended that I go to the New West farmers market about a year ago and try Delish’s bread. It came highly recommended, and ever since I am hooked. Whenever I go visit Delish I pre-order a bunch of bread for my mom and I, so we can freeze it. I drive from Burnaby to get their Delish-ous goodies, and have loved everything I’ve tried. Recently tried the bacon cheddar scone, MY GOODNESS!! That is one fantastic scone! Thanks Jenna!! Keep up the fantastic work! Xox


Quotation MarksWe met you the first time at the Coquitlam Farmers Market about 2 years ago and fell in love with your oreo cookies. Every Sunday we’d go and pick up 3 cookies and sometimes some extra treats. They were the best darned gluten free cookies I have ever had, and your muffins aren’t tasteless or dry. I ordered a spiderman cake for my boyfriend’s 29th birthday party, and no one knew it was gluten free! It was the best cake ever and I’m hoping my bf takes the hint and orders my birthday cake from you too.


Quotation MarksHubby is an ex-baker and suffers from wheat intolerance – he absolutely hated anything I brought home that said “gluten-free” in it as most if it tasted like cardboard! I stumbled upon Jenna and Delish at the Coquitlam Market and brought home the bread to the baker – didn’t tell him it was gluten free – he LOVED it …. Needless to say Delish is now a favourite place to visit – he loves to be in the back giving advice to Jenna (thanks for putting up with that) while I stock up on pizza crusts, pasta, bread and my all time favourite spinach and feta scones! Amazing guys – keep it up – LOVE us some Delish!!!


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